The Wobble Line Dance

Do you want to learn the Wobble Line Dance but are too shy bust a move on the dance floor? Are you scared of messing up because you feel as if everyone in the room is watching you, and you just know you’ll end-up moving in the opposite direction as everyone else? If you want to learn how dance the infamous wobble line dance from the luxury of your own home in about 10 minutes even if you have two left feet then this article is for you.

Dancing is gaining popularity ever since American’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars and all of the other TV dance shows went live. People of all ages are learning to dance. Today, many are even developing their own line dance songs to dance to. From private clubs, church clubs and senior citizens facilities…everyone is doing it.

Read below as we guide you through the easy shake your booty wobble line dance, it will impress you just how quickly you catch on and how good you will look while doing it…

Step 1.

Take a small step forward and wobble for four beats. To wobble you simply shake your shoulders, butt, or knees in a circular motion!

Step 2.

Take a step backward and wobble again for more four beats.

Step 3.

Lean forward for four beats but this time add a bounce.  Make sure you shake what your mother gave you!

Step 4.

Lean backward for four beats and make sure to add a bounce and of course shake it!

Step 5.

Cha Cha starting with your right foot and then cha cha to the left for for beats each. Here you can put a little spice in the dance, be creative, it’s up to you.

Step 6.

Last step. Starting on your right foot tap it to the left, right, left for eight counts while making a quarter turn.

Once you get the wobble line dance mastered and feel comfortable doing it, then you can add your own style, anything works as long as you end up on beat and moving in the correct direction.

And if not, just turn around. Now just start the whole sequence all over again. Just make sure you’re making a square. Start turning to your right first and after each sequence you make a quarter turn.

No longer will you feel awkward at social event. Or be the only one that can’t do the wobble line dance. Now you can have tons of fun at your next family reunion, wedding invite, or take to the deck on your next boat cruise.

Let the truth be told… learning how to do the wobble line dance may be easier than you think!   Hope this helped!

Line Dance Songs to Groove to

Line dancing has become such a favorite pastime so it’s not surprising that a lot of country music fans will have their own favorite line dance songs. When one of these line dance songs start playing, people can’t stop themselves and so they break out into line dances. What’s even more amusing though is that line dance songs can be heard everywhere, from dance halls and community centers to themed nightclubs. If you’re interested in pulling off a wobble line dance party, you need to make sure that you have the right line dance songs on queue.

What’s a good line dancing song to groove to? Everyone usually finds their own line dance songs to move to but there are just some songs that everyone absolutely likes. To help you find your own, here are some options for you to consider:

  • Footloose – an original from 1984 by Kenny Loggins, this song was revived by Blake Shelton for the remake of the film Footloose in 2011.
  • Baby Likes to Rock It – a boogie woogie favorite, this song was released in 1994 by The Tractors, a group from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Country Girl (Shake It for Me) – first heard only through live concerts, this song was Luke Bryan was eventually released as a single in 2011 due to the positive response from fans. It’s now a staple in night club playlists and as a ringtone for redneck ladies.
  • Honky Tonk Badonkadonk – an anthem for ladies of all shapes and sizes, this 2005 song from Trace Adkins had the women shaking what they got on the dance floor, much to their enjoyment and that of onlookers.
  • Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) – Big and Rich were part of 2004’s Muzik Mafia movement, breaking through with this song, one of the many favorite line dance songs of the younger crowd.