Cowgirls and Country Line Dance Songs

One might think that country line dancing is just good clean fun that all cowgirls worth their spurs engage in just for the pure fun of it. I think there’s a lot more going on behind that Cowboy Cha Cha or Cotton Eye Joe Dance than meets the eye. There’s a clever game being played on that dance floor; one that we’ll attempt to uncover in this article.

First off, one might call me a cynic to say that there’s a hidden agenda behind country line dancing, but let’s be real. All mixed sex group activities have unseen storylines being played out behind the actual activity. So what’s going on with cowgirls and country line dancing? Let’s take a look.

Unlike men, who use country line dancing as a way to show off their dance skills without having to have a partner, women have no issue dancing by themselves or in female only groups. And while cowboys do it strictly to attract the ladies, the women on the dance floor have multiple reasons for being there. And some are just a little sinister.

Ok. Some of these ladies simply want to dance without the hassle of a male partner or of having men constantly come up to them and try to weasel their way into becoming the dance partner. Line dancing is great for these women. There are no partners, no opportunity for a partner, and best of all you don’t really have to make eye contact with the guys who are out there with you. And if you do want to check out the men, you can do so under the radar. It’s very easy to check a guy out without him realizing you’re doing it. These ladies just want a hassle free night.

Then we have shy girls who are looking for a guy but don’t want to be too forward. The type of girls who usually blend into the woodwork. Most of the time they’re using line dancing as bait. It’s an opportunity for the men in the crowd to get a look at her without having to see through a throng of people on the dance floor. Ever notice how easy it is to keep an eye on just one person during country line dances? Women who usually blend into the sea of people can suddenly be noticed.

There’s one more type of cowgirl who loves the country line dance: the “up stager”. You know the type. She already has every man in the place drooling all over her but it’s still not enough. No, she needs to prove once and for all that she’s the center of attention, and the hottest girl in the place. Her dance moves are usually accentuated with a few risqu� gyrations, just for good measure. A lot of cowboys are getting their hearts broke tonight.

Explaining why cowgirls like love the country line dance is much more complicated than explaining why the men like it. Heck, guys just want a girl to notice them. Any girl. The ladies are out there for all kinds of reasons, each one having her own little agenda. And they wonder why men can’t understand them. Next time you’re at your favorite honky tonk, check out the action on the dance floor and se if you can’t spot the hidden reasons for the cowgirls being there.

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